Beyond Foods

Online Store, Social Media Marketing, Email Nurture Campaigns​


Amy Yates was a local nutritionist who helped clients eat healthier, and she developed recipes for her clients that she wanted to make available to a broader audience. They built out a commercial kitchen, and had an amazing product and plan, but needed help promoting and marketing online.

Priorities they wanted addressed:

We developed a custom monthly plan to create dynamic and beautiful social media content, as well as some targeted audiences for digital ads. Monthly ad spend was $300-$500. through data, we fine tuned our audience, discovering we were appealing to mothers of young children who expressed interest in healthy lifestyle products, and we drilled down to create lookalike audiences and retargeting campaigns.


What We did

We learned it was costing us about $27 to acquire a new customer, and the average a new customer was spending initially was around $220. Not a bad return! We also learned that 60% of our customers would return if they were offered a code or incentive. We built and wrote a four week series of emails that would add value to customers and encourage them to order again. 


Days to complete the project


unique pieces of content created

let's launch together

We design and build beautiful websites, campaigns, and branding