Healthy Mess

Brand Story, Social Media Content, E-Book, Email Campaigns


Maca had built out a massive falling on social media around her healthy meal solutions, and “busy but healthy” authentic mom life approach. No stranger to health and wellness, Maca new how to build, keep, and engage an audience…the question was, how to monetize it? 


Priorities they wanted addressed:

We strategeicly sat with Maca to discover more about her heart and passion for food, and through her Instagram content we were able to define a look and brand story she was happy with. We build out several months worth of batched social media content for her to promote her course, and created an e-book to accompany the course that was loaded with custom content and beautiful design. We set up an email automation software and lead capture forms to help build her email list as well. 


What We did

Maca was able to launch a well-rounded brand with amazing creative assets that the then offered through various e-course platforms and influencer social media marketing channels


Days to complete the project


months worth of material created

let's launch together

We design and build beautiful websites, campiagns, and branding